Policy and Advocacy Manager

Jacqueline is the Policy and Advocacy Manager, charged with advancing Voces Unidas’ federal, state, and local policy and advocacy priorities.

In her role, Jacqueline works with local Latina and Latino leaders to tackle issues like immigration reform, affordable housing, food insecurity, rights of workers, reproductive justice, economic equity, criminal justice, healthcare equity and political equity. During the legislative session, for example, she organizes local community members so that they can use their voice and power to inform and shape public policy that impacts our community. 

The child of a Salvadorian father and Mexican mother who emigrated to the United States, Jacqueline’s background inspired her to pursue a career in immigration law. Before joining Voces Unidas, Jacqueline served as a Deputy District Attorney in the 9th judicial district, becoming the first Latina prosecutor in the region. A graduate of Basalt High School, Jacqueline is passionate about using her legal background to help the community she calls home.