Program Coordinator

Jasmin is a co-founder and now serves as a program coordinator for Voces Unidas.

Before joining Voces Unidas, Jasmin was a facilitator for a non-profit serving veterans in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Jasmin began her professional career in college as a full-time employee and student on campus. She was elected Student Body President of Cerritos College, with more than 25,000 students, and was the first Latina to be elected in a decade. She was also a member of the Student Senate for California Community Colleges. 

In 2013 she made her way back to Colorado and began her teaching career.

Jasmin is the proud daughter and wife of immigrants. She graduated from Glenwood Springs High School and is a first-generation college graduate. She resides in Glenwood Springs with her children, who attend Roaring Fork School District schools, and her husband who is a small business owner.

Jasmin was elected this past November to the Roaring Fork School District’s Board of Education, where almost 60% of students are Latino. She also serves on the Parks and Recreation Commission for the City of Glenwood Springs.

Email: jasmin@vocesunidas.org 

Office: 970-340-8503