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Voter-engagement and activation efforts ramping up as midterms approach

Voces Unidas Action Fund’s work to engage voters throughout the central mountains is ramping up in unprecedented ways in the days before the midterm elections.

All-told, we are targeting more than 8,000 Latino households before Election Day (Nov. 8) through a variety of engagement strategies, including: door-knocking, phone calls, text messages, mail pieces, and digital advertising.

“This type of work to engage and activate progressive Latino voters to highlight critical issues and the candidates who will work to address them has never been done on this scale in Colorado’s central-mountain communities,” said Alex Sánchez, founder and CEO of Voces Unidas Action Fund.

Voces Unidas is laser-focused on 3 key legislative districts:

  • Senate District 8 (which covers all or parts of Moffat, Rio Blanco, Garfield, Routt, Eagle, Jackson, Grand, Summit, Gilpin, and Clear Creek counties) where we have endorsed Dylan Roberts;

  • House District 26 (which includes all or parts of Moffat, Rio Blanco, Routt, and Eagle counties) where we have endorsed Meghan Lukens; and

  • House District 13 (which includes Jackson, Grand, Summit, Lake, Park, and Chaffee counties) where we have endorsed Julie McCluskie.

We are also active in House District 57 (which includes all or parts of Eagle, Garfield, and Pitkin counties), where we have endorsed Elizabeth Velasco. (Voces Unidas invested unprecedented resources in HD 57 during the primary election, in support of Elizabeth.)

For this cycle, Voces Unidas has endorsed a total of 11 candidates for federal, state and municipal offices who we believe are best aligned with our values and mission. Those candidates are free to highlight our endorsement in their campaign communications and our support will be shared with members, supporters and voters.

Voces Unidas is the only multi-entity organization created by Latinos with the political infrastructure to support candidates and win elections in the central mountain region. In addition to the work of the Action Fund, the Voces Unidas Small Donor Committee and the Voces Unidas PAC make direct political contributions to our endorsed candidates while the Voces Unidas Victory Fund invests significant resources in key races to ensure our candidates win.

Learn more about our electoral work at



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