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As a non-profit, we rely on individual donors, foundations, and organizational funders to achieve our mission. 

We are forever grateful for the generosity and support for our work. 

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These partners have made a significant investment in our mission through grants



In alphabetical order

Yesenia Arreola

Daniel Benavent

Brittany Biebl

Vanessa Biebl

Larry Bogatz

Gretchen Brogdon

Ruth Brown

Boots Brown

Debbie Bruell

Raleigh Burleigh

Rachael Carcaterra

Patti Clapper

Congdon Family Fund Advised Fund of The Denver Foundation 

Mary Catherine Conger

Kristina Crawford

Russ & Debbie Crawford-Arensman

Susan Daggett

Lisa Dameron

Melissa Decker

Christy Doyon

Amy Dunkelberg

Gayle Embrey

Tina Fang

Donna Fix

Jon, Julie, Oliver Fox-Rubin

Friedman Family Foundation Advised Fund at Aspen Community Foundation

Karl Friedman

Linda Giesecke

Bruce Gordon

Emma Gruner

Cedar Rose Guelberth

Dusti Gurule

Julia Harrigan

Ruth Harrison

Susan Hartnett

Tamara Haynes-Norton

Will Hodges

Charles Hopton

Joyce Jenkins

Ann Johnson

Ann Johnson

Mike and Laura Kaplan Advised Fund at Aspen Community Foundation

Heather Kent

Alan Kokish

Ron Kokish

Susan Lau

Christie Leonard

Melony and Adam Lewis Advised Fund at Aspen Community Foundation 

Grace Lodge

Cristal Logan

Colleen Loughlin

Shanyn Maddox

Lloyd and Marlene Manown

Tim McFlynn

Olivia Mendoza

David Meyer

Shannon Meyer

Marcie and Robert Musser Advised Fund at the Aspen Community Foundation

Mona Newton

Blanca and Cavanaugh O'Leary

Adam Quinton

Megan Ravenscraft

Lisa Relou

Susan Rhea

Maureen Rothman

Will and Margaret Roush

Alex Sanchez

Edward Sands

Matt and Diana Scherr

Bill Spence and Sue Edelstein

Summer Scott

Meagan Shapiro

Jane Sheffield Lowery

Terri and Rich Slivka

Jill Soffer

Beatriz Soto

Janeth Niebla-Galaviz

Bryana Starbuck

Stephanie Tanny

JDavid Taylor

Nathaniel Thompson

Jenny Trumble

Maura Trumble

Mike Trumble

Jennifer Filipowski

Elizabeth Velasco

Dana Wood

Jenny Zetah

Other anonymous donors (not listed at their request)



2020 Rescue Fund at Aspen Community Foundation 

Anderson Ranch Arts Center

Aspen Community Foundation

Chambers Initiative

Colorado c3 Civic Engagement Roundtable

Cottle Carr Yaw Architects LTD

El Pomar Foundation

First Bank


Our Part

Spring Board Advised Fund at Aspen Community Foundation 

State of Colorado

The Colorado Health Foundation

The Colorado Trust

The Colorado Trust COVID-19 Response Fund

The Latino Community Foundation of Colorado

The Uncle Bob Foundation 

U.S. Charitable Gift Trust


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