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Here to Work: Work Permits For All

Voces Unidas is one of many immigrant rights organizations working at the national level in the Here to Work campaign seeking work permits for long-term immigrant contributors who have been in the United States for decades without any path to fully contribute and fill much-needed jobs.

On Wednesday, October 25, Voces Unidas, with our national partner ABIC Action, held a press conference from the West Steps of the Capitol in Denver along with more than 100 civic, business and community leaders.

Colorado is one of the many states facing unprecedented labor shortages and immigration challenges posed by a tightening labor market, a congressional impasse, and delayed solutions for long-term immigrant contributors who have been in the United States for many years without a truly viable path to fully contribute and fill essential job openings. The bipartisan Here to Work campaign — supported by employers and immigrant communities — offers a common-sense solution to boost the labor market, the economy and provide near-immediate relief to millions of active contributors to our communities and everyday life in the United States.

Voces Unidas is also helping to coordinate the national actions in Washington, DC. Join us on Tuesday, November 14 in Washington, D.C. for a march and rally to the White House for Work Permits for All.

If you are attending the DC event, please make sure to contact Kayla Frawley if you want to be invited to free events and activities hosted by Voces Unidas while in DC.

Colorado leaders support the Here to Work campaign

“Immigrants are a big part of Colorado’s communities, our strong economy, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. I have called on Congress to secure the border and pass real immigration reform and the Biden administration to take action now on expanded work permits to ensure that states like Colorado are able to fill in-demand jobs. Access to work permits ensures that immigrants who contribute to the lifeblood of our communities have the ability to thrive in our state like everyone else." -- Governor Jared Polis
“Just a year ago, the Department of Homeland Security granted the type of authorization we are talking about today. Unfortunately, it’s set to expire, and there are too many immigrants who are here — who are desperate to work — who are worried that they won’t have that opportunity. I’m honored to stand by you as we protect people at a time when we have a broken immigration system and a federal legislative branch that has failed to fix it.” -- Attorney General Weiser
“I had to go through the immigration process for over 20 years, and I know it’s not an easy process. And I am here today as a new American to advocate for a path forward and work permits for all the immigrants that live here with us in the state and across the nation.” -- Rep. Elizabeth Velasco, HD57
“Work authorization would ease a heavy burden and allow long-term immigrants to live more comfortable, meaningful lives in Colorado. And that’s what they deserve. They’ve paid their dues through taxes, playing by the rules and being valuable contributors to our economies. It’s time to acknowledge the sweat they’ve poured into this country by expanding work permits to them." -- House Majority Leader Monica Duran
“President Biden has all the administrative tools he needs to catapult our nation out of its existing labor crisis while simultaneously providing immediate relief to long-term immigrant contributors and mixed-status families who are at risk of separation. Colorado Latinos will reward leaders who take action on an issue so important and so personal to so many of us. The President should act as soon as possible.” -- Alex Sánchez, President and CEO, Voces Unidas Action Fund.


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