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Update on our legislative priorities for 2021

As an advocacy organization, Voces Unidas works to inform and improve local, state and federal legislative proposals and policies that directly and indirectly impact Latinos.

We do this by training leaders and creating opportunities for them to advocate directly with their elected representatives. Other times we work in coalition with like-minded organizations to leverage the power of more stakeholders to advocate for the change that we want to see for ourselves and our families. And we also use our professional staff and consultants to engage in direct conversations with lawmakers to achieve our policy priorities.

Here is a quick update on the legislation and proposals that we are monitoring.

At the Federal level...

  • More federal COVID aid, without regards of immigration status. We have been working with Senators Bennet and Hickenlooper to make sure that the next aid package does not discriminate against immigrants. You can read our letter to Senator Hickenlooper about our position on aid and immigration status.

  • Federal immigration reform, with a path to citizenship. We are optimistic about some of the elements of the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021 and look forward to engaging Senators Bennet and Hickenlooper on the details of the bill.

At the State level...

  • SB21-077: Remove Lawful Presence Verification Credentialing;

  • SB21-009: Reproductive Health Care Program;

  • HB21-1054: Housing Public Benefit Verification Requirement;

  • HB21-1194: Immigration Legal Defense Fund;

  • SB21-087: Agricultural Workers' Rights;

  • HB21-1060: U Visa Certification Requirements;

  • HB21-1075: Replace The Term Illegal Alien;

  • SB21-131: Protect Personal Identifying Information Kept By State;

  • HB21-1057: Extortion Of Immigrants Engaging In Lawful Acts;

  • HB21-1150: Create The Colorado Office Of New Americans.

For more information about our policy work, contact Alex Sánchez at



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