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Redistricting listening tour announced

The joint Independent Redistricting Commission staff presented preliminary congressional and legislative maps for the Colorado redistricting process. The congressional maps were released on June 26. The state legislative maps were released on June 29. This now triggers a listening tour across the state where the community can provide input.

The release of the preliminary legislative and congressional maps is a monumental step in the new redistricting process, but the released maps are far from being final. The public still needs to weigh in. As we continue the redistricting process, it is imperative that all communities of interest express their opinions to the commissions during the upcoming public hearings to ensure final maps are an accurate representation of all Coloradans.

The purpose of the redistricting process is to redraw district lines to better represent the population flow of communities throughout the state. The goal is about making sure all Coloradans have fair and equitable representation in their political boundaries.

The preliminary maps are only one step in ensuring an equitable redistricting process. These maps provide a foundation in advocacy work regarding this issue. The public hearing period will be critical in pushing for fair and legitimate representation in our political state and congressional districts.

The commissions will host a stop in their listening tour in Carbondale at the Third Street Center Community Room on July 31 at 11 a.m. Click here to learn more about the state-wide listening tour.

Voces Unidas will actively monitor the process and mobilize our community in order to ensure that the final maps are more equitable. Latinas and Latinos interested in joining Voces Unidas at these public meetings should contact Jacqueline Argueta at

At the end of this process, we expect districts that truly represent our state. The more community members that take part in this process, the closer we inch to this goal.



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