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Sine Die: Celebrating our success at the 2024 legislative session

The 2024 Colorado Legislative Session came to a close on Wednesday, and Voces Unidas would like to thank all of the lawmakers and members of the community who helped us pass good policies and to oppose bad ones.


We weighed in on almost 40 pieces of legislation this year (whew!), whether supporting, opposing, or monitoring some 39 bills as they made their way through the legislative process. Among them, Voces Unidas led on a successful bill guaranteeing students the ability to express their cultural heritage through attire at graduation ceremonies (SB24-1323), as well as legislation that will close existing gaps in the Mobile Home Parks Act (HB24-1294), and the Safe Housing for Residential Tenants Act (SB24-094), ensuring that tenants have access to safe housing and timely repairs when unsafe conditions arise.


We helped defeat one of the worst immigration bills drafted in the past two decades, HB24-1128, which attempted to reintroduce long-since repealed immigration enforcement laws drafted back in 2006, along with a poorly-disguised anti-immigrant bill (SB24-090) that attempted to make driving without physical possession of a driver’s license a jailable offense. In its place, we helped pass a bill (SB24-182) that makes it easier for immigrants to get a driver’s license in Colorado.

It’s safe to say that Latino and immigrant communities came out ahead this session. Every immigration-related bill introduced with support from Voces Unidas and other community groups passed in the state legislature, while every bill we opposed was either amended or rejected by lawmakers.


All told, we spent the full 120 days working at the Capitol this session, bringing staff and community members in to testify on priority legislation and hosting more than 400 people during this year's Latino Advocacy Day. And our efforts were rewarded.


Each successful bill – as well as those we helped defeat – represents a victory for our communities. So thank you to all who took action and participated in this session. Together, we are making Colorado a better place for all.

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