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11 Latino leaders selected for leadership program in Mexico City

Eleven Colorado Latino leaders have been selected to participate in Voces Unidas’ one-week leadership and advocacy program in Mexico City, scheduled for May 28th through June 4th of this year. 

The Civic Leader Education & Advocacy Program (CLEAP) is a one-week leadership and advocacy program that takes place outside the United States. During the program, CLEAP participants engage in meaningful conversations with local leaders, field experts, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and federal policymakers regarding the region's pressing issues.

CLEAP utilizes adult learning theory, as adults learn most effectively through hands-on experience and by observing the practical application of new skills or knowledge. Additionally, the program employs the Socratic method, which encourages questioning and critical thinking to promote the exploration of ideas and underlying assumptions. Lastly, CLEAP incorporates participatory action research, a qualitative research approach that involves collaboration between researchers and participants to gain insight into social issues and develop strategies for promoting social change.

Priority was given to rural participants and leaders who self-identify as immigrants and have a passion and interest in immigration policy.

The 2024 cohort includes:

  • Stephanie Ayala (Glenwood Springs);

  • Silvia Barragan (New Castle);

  • Gaby Bonilla (Rifle);

  • Fernanda Jimenez (Denver);

  • Monica Quevedo-Ortega (Rifle);

  • Amairani Lizbeth Ortega Mora, (Rifle)

  • Elizabeth Sanchez (Rifle);

  • Luz Galaviz (Rifle);

  • Christian Morales (Denver)

  • Miguel Gonzalez (Rifle); 

  • Yvonne Nerey (Greeley);


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