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CLEAP participants engage Mexico’s top immigration, democracy research experts

Civic Leader Education & Advocacy Program (CLEAP) participants spent their day learning from a panel of experts from Mexico’s top universities and started to focus on their  leadership skills. 

On the agenda for Friday, May 31:

The morning session included a panel of five leading researchers representing Mexico’s top universities, moderated by Voces Unidas board member, Claudia Fragoso. Participants had an opportunity to engage in discussions about the experts’ research in democracy and immigration. 

The expert panelist were:  

  • Dr. Javier Urbano Reyes, Department of International Relations, at Universidad Iberoamericana 

  • Dr. Eduardo González, School of Social Sciences and Government at  Tecnológico de Monterrey

  • Dr. Alma Cossette Guadarrama Muñoz, Department of Human Rights, Migration and Human Mobility at La Salle University

  • Dr. Daniela Castro, Institute of Economic Investigation at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México 

  • Dr. Francisco Reveles Vázquez, Department of Political Science and Sociology at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México  

In the afternoon, Tim Hernández led a session connecting storytelling to leadership and using our dual identities as our superpowers. Storytelling has become an important tool for Hernández, a community activist turned state legislator in Denver.

The day ended with a reflective session where participants shared their key takeaways from  the sessions.


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