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Voces Unidas joins thousands in march to White House for the Here to Work campaign

In a show of strength, solidarity, and commitment, Voces Unidas board members, staff, and community leaders marched to the White House alongside more than 2,200 other immigrant rights advocates this week, urging President Biden to use his discretionary authority to extend work permits to long-term immigrants.

Over the course of three days, we marched, rallied, trained national partners on parole programming, and met with members of Congress and White House staff to ensure we achive our goals. This campaign is driven by families who have been left behind by every administration, and the time to act is now.

As we’ve witnessed with new arrivals in recent months, President Biden has all the administrative tools he needs to catapult our nation out of its existing labor crisis while simultaneously providing immediate relief to long-term immigrant contributors and mixed-status families who are at risk of family separation. We know this is what is right for millions of people and families who are active contributors to the workforce and everyday life in the U.S., yet lack a feasible path to fully contribute and fulfill essential job vacancies.

In addition to taking our message to the White House, Voces Unidas joined the broader coalition in conducting visits with more than 270 bipartisan Congressional officials to press for action on an issue that is so important and so personal to so many of us. 48 House representatives signed on in support of the Here to Work campaign, including our very own Representatives Jason Crow (CO-06) and Brittany Petterson (CO-07).

Since February, the Here to Work Coalition has rallied more than 350 businesses, Republican and Democratic governors, and members of Congress to urge the Biden administration to take action on this issue.

Our movement will continue to grow until President Biden does the right thing. Join us to endorse this campaign here.


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