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A daughter of immigrants

My name is Maribel Obreque. I am the Director of Family Services at The Arc of the Central Mountains and a graduate of the Voces Unidas Líderes Institute’s most recent course on nonprofit board leadership.

Having a local nonprofit created by Latinos in the central mountain region has been a long time coming. It's important that we have agency and power over the vision and opportunities that we create for ourselves through organizations. Voces Unidas’ mission of having Latinos in positions of power, who share lived experiences with those they serve, makes all the difference.

My life experiences as the daughter of immigrants and mother of children with disabilities who was thrust into an education system that I did not, and sometimes still struggle to understand, shape my passion and interest in community-building and advocacy.

Living in an environment where who you know, your title at work, and college credentials seem to matter most, it is easy to feel at a disadvantage as a Latina in the Roaring Fork Valley.

However, having Voces Unidas as a strong presence advocating for the importance of life experiences over a resume has been amazing, especially for our immigrant community. With Voces Unidas’ connections and training, I feel quite comfortable in my role as a gubernatorial appointee on the Colorado Charter School Institute's Board of Directors.

Voces Unidas has helped me advocate for myself and my family. It's important that this important work in leadership, advocacy, and civic engagement continues to grow for our families and our future.

Maribel Obreque is a leader with Voces Unidas and a graduate of the Líderes Institute program. She is also the Director of Family Services at The Arc of the Central Mountains.



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