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Honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Today, as we once again honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., let us all take a moment to acknowledge that our fight against injustice has been a long one, and that it continues today.

In 1966, Dr. King sent a telegram to César Chávez, who was organizing immigrants and farmworkers, noting that their separate struggles were united.

“As brothers in the fight for equality, I extend the hand of fellowship and goodwill and wish continuing success to you and your members. The fight for equality must be fought on many fronts–in the urban slums, in the sweatshops of the factories and fields. Our separate struggles are really one–a struggle for freedom, for dignity and for humanity,” King wrote. “You and your fellow workers have demonstrated your commitment to righting grievous wrongs forced upon exploited people. We are together with you in spirit and in determination that our dreams for a better tomorrow will be realized.”

Realizing our dreams for tomorrow requires that we all do our part to continue making progress every day, in every community.

At Voces Unidas, we will continue to organize and step up our efforts at all levels to reach our mission of making the central mountain region more equitable for all of us.

At the local level, we will double down on our local organizing efforts, led by our two regional offices, to address issues impacting local residents and ensure our community has a seat at the decision-making tables.

At the state level, in partnership with our sister organization, Voces Unidas Action Fund, we will advocate for legislative solutions like addressing water quality issues for mobile home park residents, improving our government’s capacity to communicate in multiple languages during life and death emergencies and making housing more affordable. This will include hosting 300-400 leaders in Denver for Latino Advocacy Day in mid-March.

And at the federal level, we will continue to advocate for comprehensive immigration reform and other critical policy solutions like access to health care and environmental justice -- starting with Latino Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C. in mid-February.

You can follow our work online at and If you are interested in learning more about our legislative actions, I encourage you to follow our Bill Tracker.

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