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RE-2 School Board Recall

Voces Unidas Action Fund is joining a group of parents who formed a coalition that’s working to recall RE-2 board member Tony May. This parent-led initiative is the result of May’s failure to represent the best interest of the community.

In October, Tony May pushed for RE-2 to adopt the controversial social studies curriculum known as the American Birthright Standard (ABS) that would have replaced the state’s current social studies standards.

Bipartisan outcry from RE-2 parents halted the implementation of ABS in the district. An unprecedented number of community members and RE-2 parents voiced opposition to the adoption of ABS in the district, including 170 community members who signed a bipartisan online petition calling for the adoption of the state-approved social studies standards.

In late November, the recall petition filed by RE-2 parents against May was approved for signature gathering. Voces Unidas Action Fund has committed resources to see this effort through by activating and engaging more than 3,000 RE-2 voters to sign the petition. 

Last week Tony May stepped down from his post as board president while maintaining his role as an RE-2 school board director. This does not affect the petition. .

January 26 is the deadline for collecting the required 2,378 signatures.


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