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Reflections from CLEAP participants on the final day in Mexico City

Civic Leader Education & Advocacy Program (CLEAP) participants spent their last day in Mexico City discussing how they can take what they learned back to their communities. 

Monday, June 3 recap:

The final day of CLEAP offered participants two opportunities to reflect and share their final thoughts from the week. First, Voces Unidas Action Fund board member Marissa Molina, a former teacher, guided participants through an activity to create a vision for an alternative future for immigrants. Molina ended the session by asking participants to commit to taking steps toward policy changes that will impact their communities. 

Alan Muñoz led the last session of the day and helped participants connect the dots from all policy, advocacy and leadership sessions. When participants were asked to share their key takeaways, they emphasized the importance of continuing to have conversations and being involved in policy and advocacy. 

Participants, board members and staff ended the program with a celebratory dinner.

This is the second CLEAP cohort to graduate from the program. In total, 25 Colorado immigrant leaders have participated in CLEAP since 2023.



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