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2021 election results

We are pleased that all three statewide ballot issues that we opposed were also turned down by voters. And 5B, an issue we supported, was approve overwhelmingly by local voters.

Amendment 78, Proposition 119 and Proposition 120 were rejected by voters. We were clear in our position against these initiatives. This is why we sent out our ballot guide with our positions to these ballot issues to more than 10,000 Latino voters in the region.

Thanks to voters giving 5B a thumbs up, the district can now make good on their promise to increase teacher and staff salaries in order to help with the district’s staffing crisis. This is a big win for our schools and the communities that they serve.

It is clear to us that ballot issues -- both at the state and local level -- cannot be successful without Latino support. As an organization, we want to make sure that Latinos are at the table helping to design our own solutions so we can see ourselves and our families reflected in the very questions that we pose to voters.

As a nonprofit, Voces Unidas de las Montanas is committed to nonpartisan voter engagement and education to increase Latino voter turnout. When Latinos vote, we all win.



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