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Alert: Voces Unidas declares Garfield County government hostile to immigrants and Latinos

Following its recent declaration as a “non-sanctuary county,” Voces Unidas is formally recognizing Garfield County as a hostile government to immigrants and Latinos. We are alerting all members of the Latino community, regardless of immigration status, to be mindful that law enforcement in Garfield County may show prejudice towards our community and is proactively working with ICE to deport members of the Latino community at the county jail. Members of our community may also face discrimination while attempting to access public services in Garfield County. 


Voces Unidas has activated a Hotline for reporting discrimination in Garfield County. Members of our community can call 970-340-8586 to report any abuse or discrimination by law enforcement or when trying to access public services in Garfield County. 


We believe the actions initiated by Garfield County Commissioners and supported by the sheriff’s department violate our civil liberties.


Therefore, Voces Unidas is calling on Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser and the U.S. Justice Department to investigate the Garfield County Sheriff’s Department to ensure its policies are not violating the civil rights of Latinos and are in compliance with state and federal law. Based on public statements by Sheriff Lou Vallario on March 4, 2024, we are concerned that several people currently in custody are in danger of being turned over to ICE.

Additionally, we are calling on Governor Polis and the Colorado Legislature to explore policies to further protect the immigrant community from hostile governments such as that of Garfield County.

Voces Unidas is inviting the community to a rally in Glenwood Springs on Sunday, March 10 at 1:30 p.m. at Sayre Park.

Click here to sign our petition.


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