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Breaking new ground in Garfield, Pitkin and Eagle counties

With only a few more days left in this election cycle, Voces Unidas is continuing its unprecedented efforts to ensure that more Latinos vote -- regardless of how they vote.

To our knowledge, no local group has ever attempted to reach Latino voters in our respective communities with the intensity and intentionality as Voces Unidas.

Ensuring that every member of our community has the information that they need to successfully cast their vote is the American way and allows for our democracy to work the way it is supposed to, for the people and by the people. 

As of today, our team of Latina and Latino canvassers has completed more than 21,879 contact attempts to likely Latino voters in Garfield, Eagle and Pitkin counties. Voces Unidas is texting, making phone calls, and dropping off materials at their door. This is in addition to the six educational mail pieces that were sent to more than 7,000 households with a likely Latino voter.

All of these efforts have resulted in actual conversations with 1,796 registered Latino voters in our region, giving us an opportunity to provide critical information about where to vote and resources like our voter guide.

For many of these Latino voters, Voces Unidas was the first civic engagement contact that they had ever experienced in our valley, which speaks to the greater neglect of Latino voters by the ecosystem. Being ignored as a Latino voter is a form of voter suppression and Voces Unidas is tackling this issue head-on.

At Voces Unidas, we believe that when Latinos vote, we all win.

Help us achieve our mission and learn more about our efforts at



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