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Calling all interested campaigns

Our endorsement process for 2022 is now open. We are inviting progressive candidates and issue campaigns in the central-mountain region to complete our 2022 election questionnaire in order to be considered for an endorsement.

Voces Unidas Action Fund will endorse 2022 candidates in local, state, and federal offices who are aligned to our values and mission. In deciding our position, we will consider the candidate's vision, specific plans and viability to champion and deliver on our policy priorities.

We will also take positions on local and statewide ballot issues. In deciding our position, we will consider the issue's impact on Latinas and Latinos in the region and whether it is aligned to our racial justice-centered values. In addition to the questionnaire, initiative endorsements will be informed by whether our community had a seat at the table in designing the ballot question. It should also be noted that, because they disproportionately impact our community and the underserved, we are fundamentally opposed to "sin" taxes or regressive measures like sales taxes.

Our endorsements will be shared with Action Fund members and supporters, and can expand the profile and electoral success of a candidate or campaign in other significant ways. For example, our affiliate organizations — Voces Unidas Small Donor Committee and Voces Unidas Victory Fund — review the Action Fund's endorsements as they consider their independent work.

Deadlines to complete the questionnaire for upcoming elections:

  • March 3: Candidates/issues in the April/May municipal/special election AND the June primary election

  • July 13: Candidates appearing in the November 2022 general election

  • Sep. 30: Statewide and local initiatives on the November 2022 general election ballot

Click here for the 2022 election questionnaire



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