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Historic voter turnout in Colorado

The 2020 election saw historic turnout nationally and locally. And even though many ballots are still being counted in Colorado, we know that almost 3 million Coloradans voted in this election, a record for the state.  

Locally, in Garfield, about 30,000 people voted, which would represent approximately 82% of the total eligible voters, an unprecedented number. (According to the Secretary of State, the 2016 voter turnout in Garfield is registered at 77.6%).

Thanks to this surge of voters, Coloradans delivered important wins for our state. 

Paid family medical leave (Prop 118) is a meaningful win for Colorado families, especially our working families. Paid family leave allows you to stay home to take care of yourself or a loved one and not lose income—a benefit typically reserved for white-collar workers. Beginning in 2024, all Coloradans will have the support they need in times of personal struggle or crisis. 

Colorado rejected another cruel and unnecessary ban on abortion (Prop 115). The 22-week abortion ban would have unjustly taken away the rights of pregnant women seeking medical care and would have criminalized doctors and patients. Funders from outside of Colorado have attempted to restrict women’s rights at the ballot over six times and each time Colorado voters send a resounding message in support of women.

Coloradans came together to fund public services by repealing the Gallagher Amendment and voting yes on Amendment B. The Gallagher Amendment set a cap on property taxes that caused deficits in funding for education, first responders, and rural healthcare. By repealing Amendment B, Colorado communities will better fund these essential services throughout the state. 

Colorado supported Proposition EE with 68% of the votes in favor of taxing vaping and tobacco products. The dollars will go towards funding free preschool for every 3 -year-old or 4-year-old in the state.

We continue to monitor essential issues in our counties where votes are still being counted. Democracy works when we vote.

At Voces Unidas, we are encouraged by the large number of Latino voters who had their voices heard locally and across the country. In the coming days, we will release the fantastic work of our civic engagement team and the tremendous amount of Latino outreach in Garfield, Pitkin, and Eagle counties during the 2020 election.



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